Beware of Sales!

January is a time of year when sales abound in all of the stores.  Not only are retailers trying to clear out the holiday items that didn’t sell, they’re also trying to make room for their spring merchandise. As you may know, the fashion industry and retail stores are always a few months ahead of the game.  While we’re still shivering (yes, even here in San Diego!) and donning coats and boots, the stores are beginning to stock everything that’s new and exciting for the warmer weather ahead, … [Read more...]

Shop for YOUR Life!

Before you set out on a shopping trip, it’s very important to consider your lifestyle!  This tip may seem self-evident, but I can’t tell you how many shopping mistakes I’ve seen in people's closets (not to mention my own!) because they failed to take a moment to think about their own lives before shopping.  It’s so easy to become mesmerized by all of the beautiful things in the stores and buy things for someone else’s life instead of your own. A few personal examples may help to drive this … [Read more...]

Try On Again at Home

After you shop, I always recommend that you try your new purchases on again once you arrive home.  There are several reasons for this recommendation. Harsh Lighting & "Skinny Mirrors" It is easier to assess an item in a familiar environment.  Store lighting is artificial and often harsh and some stores are known to have “skinny mirrors.”  (If you’re a “Seinfeld” fan, you might remember the episode in which Elaine bought an ill-fitting dress at Barney’s due to this phenomenon.) New Pieces … [Read more...]